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The enterprise mission is to provide a products and services portfolio to organisations involved in georeferenced activities, such as mapping, aerial surveys, volumetric and precision geodetic measurement. Its owner, André Verville, is expert in digital imagery, photogrammetry, GPS positioning and Transport Canada's licensed drone (UAV) pilot.



Integrated Base-Rover sets

Kildir Technologies and Canal Geomatics have recently received a stock of GNSS receivers and are offering them on sale at $14,995 but in limited quantities.

These are complete sets consisting of the top-of-the-range S900A model, including all the accessories necessary for use in RTK base-rover mode by radio communication, including a notebook and survey-grade software. The main features of the set are:

Two Stonex S900A receivers:

  • based on the 800-channel Hemisphere P40 GNSS module

  • GPS (L1-L2-L5), GLONASS (L1-L2-L3), GALILEO (E1-E5-E6), BEIDOU (B1-B2-B3) and SBAS (L1-L5) constellations

  • several RTK modes available: UHF, TCP/IP, NTRIP, L-Band (Atlas)

  • raw data logging for post-processing and PPP service

  • configurable data output NMEA, RTCM, CMR, CMR+ and DGPS

  • built-in UHF radio and antenna (range 3-4km, more in line of sight)

  • Wifi (simultaneous access point and Wifi client)

  • Bluetooth

  • 4G LTE and GSM cellular connectivity (requires nano type SIM card)

  • basic configuration with web interface

  • advanced use and configuration using the Cube-a Android application

  • integrated inertial sensor for oblique measurements with a survey rod (tilt mode) or in assisted verticality (e-bubble mode)

  • 2 rechargeable, interchangeable and hot-swappable batteries

  • battery charger (2 simultaneously)

Each set also includes:

  • aluminum tripod

  • optical plumb bob

  • 25cm extension tube for installation in base mode

  • support plate for UHF antenna in parallel position

  • fiberglass survey rod with verticality bubble

  • SH5A Rugged Android data collector with keyboard

  • Cube-a integrated surveying Android app

  • surveying rod attachment for SH5A data collector

  • Robust and waterproof transport case for two S900A and accessories

Aerial drone-based photographic surveys


Holder of an advanced pilot permit from Transport Canada and an "evaluator" annotation, André Verville is an experienced pilot of remotely piloted aircrafts (ATP).


Equipped with a Mavic 3 Professional and two Mavic 2 Pro quadcopters, Kildir Technologies can perform aerial photographic surveys of sites up to 2 km2 in size.

These small but incredibly powerful UAVs also allow high-quality video and high resolution and zoom level photography for inspection of inaccessible structures and due to their long autonomy, can also perform surveillance duties.


Canal Geomatics products and services

Kildir Technologies is associated with Canal Geomatics and Terris GPS (Gatineau, Qc).

This gives us access to an impressive range of products and services in the field of satellite positioning and navigation tools.

You can view this extended product offering at:

Sales, support and service are now offered jointly by Kildir Technologies in Lévis and the Canal Geomatics/Terris GPS team in Gatineau.

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