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Le projet Lévis-RTK

Kildir Technologies is proud to announce that the City of Lévis has officially accepted its partnership offer to set up a community and free centimeter-precision kinematic reference service throughout its territory. This acceptance follows a public request to this effect to which Kildir Technologies responded with enthusiasm.

The project includes the installation of five permanent stations, issuing real-time corrections to the standardized NTRIP protocol used by land surveyors, engineering firms and construction firms as part of their work requiring precision positioning. These stations will be made up of equipment supplied by Kildir Technologies, in partnership with its supplier EMLID and Tallysman, manufacturer of precision antennas. The physical installation on the buildings and facilities property of City of Lévis will be provided by the latter and the City will also host the communication infrastructure and the free online service for corrections access. Kildir Technologies and the City will jointly ensure maintenance and operation.

The City of Lévis thus intends to improve its support for development and sees this initiative as an extension of its responsibility for maintaining the geodetic network on its territory. This project is also an excellent technological showcase of a future vision for a precise geographic and spatial reference, easy to access and public, to which Mr. Sébastien Roy, responsible for geomatics at the City, supports just as much as I do.

The next few months (August to October) will be devoted to setting up the network, station by station, measuring the precise positions of each of the stations, as well as tests aimed at ensuring their reliability and precision. The service will be free and offered pro-bono, therefore without guarantee of service level or commitment of responsibility on the part of the City or Kildir Technologies, however, users must complete a simple membership process which will allow them to obtain access codes. This procedure will allow the popularity of the system to be assessed, but will also serve to notify users on network's state of health. No information as to the nature of the work or users location will be tracked or recorded.

As they say, stay tuned ! We will notify you on any developments!

André Verville

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